7 Important Things You Need To Know About TMJ

Every year, hundreds of Americans experience TMJ disorders. Others may not even be aware of it but sometimes a headache or ear problems can result to this kind of disorder.

Well, it is always helpful to get a better understanding of this disorder and know more about it. Here are some seven facts that you should know about TMJ disorder:

1. TMJ disorder is basically a dysfunction on either side of your jaw and all the other jaw muscles responsible in the movement of this very important body part. This disorder can often result to severe pain in the neck, head, face and shoulders.

2. Statistically, it was found out that more women suffer from TMJ disorders than men. It can affect anybody at anytime and regardless of age.

3. Quite a number of people are not aware that they already experience TMJ disorders because the discomfort is often occasional and temporary. In fact, others are sometimes left untreated since they tend to go away.

Except for those who develop severe symptoms like pain in their jaw area, such can be very disturbing. Generally, TMJ disorders vary in the way they affect people and how they respond to it.

4. Myofacial pain is the most common of all TMJ disorders. This usually occurs when there is an internal derangement of the jaw joints.

5. Unbelievably, the cause of this kind of disorder is not known and remains unclear. However, joints in the trauma can be attributed to having TMJ disorders. Today, medical researchers are looking at its different symptoms and causes.

6. TMJ disorder is characterized by a number of signs and symptoms like jaw muscle stiffness, radiating pain in the jaw and limited jaw movement are the most common.

Additionally, a clicking or popping sound that you hear whenever you open and close your mouth is also viewed as a common symptom of TMJ. This is evident when you eat or talk.

7. People who have TMJ disorders often experience a nagging headache. This can last for days and can be very bothersome. It disrupts one’s normal activity and lessens your productivity.

It’s good to know useful information about TMJ since it’s one way for you to protect yourself from it. Once you know the basic facts about this disturbing health problem, you have a better idea of what you’re dealing with.

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