Acupuncture as TMJ Disorder Treatment

Acupuncture is the traditional way of healing among the Chinese. Although there is no medical theory to support its effectiveness and efficiency, many people still resort to it as a form of treatment.

Is it as effective as a form of medication for TMJ disorder? What are the different benefits does one get from adhering to this kind of treatment? Here’s a closer look at acupuncture and its role in treating TMJ disorder.

How It Works

According to a study released in 2007, about 85% of those with TMJ disorder reported to having experienced reduced pains arising from TMJ disorder symptoms after they have received acupuncture treatment.

To begin with the treatment, an acupuncturist inserts needles around the jaws, neck and shoulders. The purpose of this is to release constricted muscles and restoration of proper circulation in the different areas affected.

Acupuncturists believe that they are able to target the root cause of the disorder by balancing the mind and the body through reversing the tension in the jaw. As such, the muscles in the jaws are relaxed thereby lowering the body’s stress levels.

Acupuncture directly stimulates the nerves. In which case, pain sensation is thereby reduced. In addition to that, the process stimulates the release of endorphins and neurotransmitters which are responsible in blocking the pain perception by the brain.


Acupuncture is all natural. Thus, it admits of no side effects. It can be used alone or simultaneously with other treatment options available for TMJ disorder. It does not interact with any specific form of medication and can be done at anytime.

No other kind of treatment is as safe as acupuncture. It does not only relieve you of pain but also heals the whole being of the individual because it also treats a person mentally. You can relieve your body of stress at the same time.

As the best form of alternative natural medicine, acupuncture is also responsible in increasing blood flow especially in the affected areas such as the jaw. Consequently, increased blood flow translates to increased nutrients.


While acupuncture is a very safe treatment option, many people are still hesitant of getting this kind of therapy. Likewise, the availability of acupuncturists in a given area can sometimes pose a problem too. Since it also lacks medical backing, people tend to view it as something that is not safe and effective.

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