Avoiding TMJ – Four Simple Ways

TMJ disorder is a common abnormality experienced by around 10 millions of Americans. Others do not really take the disorder seriously as the symptoms tend to go away. However, there are those who experience painful symptoms.

Regardless of its effect on others, we do not want TMJ disorder to happen to us. Since this condition is not hereditary, we can prevent it by doing certain changes and modification in our lifestyles. Here are five sure fire tips on how to avoid TMJ disorders:

1. Increase Magnesium Intake

TMJ disorder affects the muscles of the jaws. What better way to avoid it than by eating foods that help in muscles growth and function? Magnesium is one mineral that can help you with that.

As we all know, magnesium is very essential in muscle building. Thus, having this much needed mineral in our daily diet increases our resistance against TMJ disorders.

Nuts, lentils, beans, soya beans and figs are just some of the foods that have high magnesium content. Incorporate them in your meals and snacks each day for better muscle growth and function.

2. Good posture

When was the last time you took a closer look at your posture in front of the mirror? Are your shoulders even? If not, then it is time you consider doing some exercise to even them out. Uneven shoulders are symptoms of TMJ disorder.

Nonetheless, it is important that you should know how much posture is very important to your over-all health. Of course, there is more to good posture than standing and sitting down right and properly.

Breathing also takes a very crucial role. Learn doing some helpful breathing exercises while practicing good posture.

3. Avoid stress

Stress can have a lot of disadvantages. Have you noticed how much you clench your teeth and bite your fingernails whenever you are stressed out? In so doing, you are unconsciously exposing yourself to the risk of acquiring TMJ disorder.

Studies revealed that clenching and grinding ones teeth cause the cartilage disk to worn out. If it does, TMJ disorder is most likely to occur. Well, the best way to avoid it is by not letting stress to get into your skin. Take things slow and relax.

4. Exercises

There are a lot of jaw and neck exercises that you can employ if you want to avid getting a TMJ disorder. These exercises are very simple that you can even do it in between your work or while you are preparing hearty meal for the family.

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