Keep Those Jaws Healthy with a TMJ Diet

There is no other part of the body that is often used than the jaw. Well said and done, don’t you think that the jaw deserves to get all the pampering it needs? Actually, you may not be aware of it but some people encounter jaw problems like TMJ disorder.

A TMJ disorder can sometimes lead to headaches and ear pains that can be bothersome. Thus, if you want to keep your TMJ in perfectly good shape and excellent condition, here are some things that you should incorporate in your diet:

• Cut back on foods that are rich in salicylates such as grains and cheeses. These foods increase ones tendency to develop TMJ disorders. Subsequently, this would also mean that you need to lessen your intake of wheat and dairy.

• As much as possible, avoid taking foods with lots of sugar, yeast and preservatives. Ever since, foods rich in preservatives are not good for our general health. Along with saturated fats – rich foods, these harm our systems.

• Eating more red meat is likewise not advisable. Oftentimes, whenever we eat meat, we do a lot of chewing and grinding. Our temporomandibular joints need the rest that it can get.

Chewing gum and raw hard fruits and vegetables must be avoided. They put a lot of pressure on your jaws. Thus, settle for foods that do not let your jaw a lot of working.

• Pureed fruits and smoothies are always a welcome treat for people with TMJ disorders. The yare also loaded with the same benefits when eaten as it is. If you want, you can make them into fresh fruit shakes.

• Yogurts and other similar foods are very much advisable. They are packed with lots of nutrients and they are easy on your jaw. Along with vegetable soups, these types of foods are recommended for people experiencing TMJ disorders.

• People who have TMJ are often advised to incorporate foods rich in magnesium in their diet. Magnesium is very helpful in energy production as well as nerve and muscle function. Magnesium is present in nuts, beans and lentils.

Let not TMJ disorder take its toll on you. Start eating right by incorporating foods that are healthy on your jaws. Avoid those which need to be avoided as prevention is always better than cure.

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