Natural Ways to Help With TMJ Disorder

Are you on the lookout for the best cure on your TMJ disorder? Sometimes, the best remedies are not found in bottles and foil packs. Instead, the yare even available straight at your own garden or somewhere in your cupboards.

Treatments for TMJ disorder need not be expensive. In fact, there are those that even come in free. It doesn’t mean you’re going to cure our TMJ using these but they can help a lot. Here are some of those:

Jaw Exercises

Exercise your jaw as often as you can. There are jaw exercises that you can employ such as those that allow you to strengthen and losses your jaw muscles directly.

Make sure that the jaw exercise that you are doing is able to guide the joints into the right place for maximum healing process. Simple jaw exercise involves opening your jaws wide open will also do the trick.

Tongue Exercises

Did you know that people who suffer from TMJ disorder have too much tension in their tongues? Well, release those tensions by loosening up your tongue muscles. How do you do this?

Simply raise your tongue towards your palate for like ten seconds. Thereafter, put your tongue back to its normal position. Repeat the exercise ten times.

Neck and Shoulder Exercises

Probably by now, you are already aware that the neck and shoulders muscles are directly connected to the jaw muscles. Whenever the jaw muscles stiffen, muscles in the neck and shoulders tend to freeze too.

In order to ensure proper coordination between your neck and shoulder muscles, it’s time you put them back into regular function by employing neck and shoulder exercises. Doing simple stretches will do the trick.

Right Diet

Proper diet and exercise always go together. Since your jaw needs to be rested whenever you have a TMJ disorder, avoid eating hard foods especially those that are difficult to chew and grind. In the meantime, you should opt for soft foods.

On one hand, have as much as foods rich in magnesium in your diet. Magnesium is very essential in muscle growth and function. This will allow your jaw muscles to function well.


Stress has a lot to do with TMJ disorders. Fingernail biting and teeth clenching are viewed as causes of this disorder. Unconsciously, we resort to these whenever we are anxious and stressed out. Take a breather and relax every now and then.

Well, having all of these in mind, who needs surgery and expert advice from medical practitioners? Fight TMJ disorder the natural way!

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