Yoga Exercises for TMJ Disorders

Have you been searching for an effective cure to your TMJ disorder? How would you like to undergo treatment without the need of a medicine? Well, perhaps you should try doing yoga exercises.

Yoga and meditation have been proven effective especially in relieving stress and anxiety. It keeps one’s mind off from a lot of worries and worldly concerns. However, as an alternative treatment for TMJ disorder, yoga and meditation still has to prove its worth.

In the meantime, why not brace yourself in a simple yoga exercise that allows you to sit comfortably in a cross-legged position with good posture? Keep your eyes closed and concentrate on your jaw. Meditate and let your jaw relax.

Breathing takes an important role in yoga, thus, take long slow deep breaths. Inhale and exhale slowly, allowing air to fill your lungs.

As soon as you have allowed your jaw muscles to relax, focus on your throat and neck too. Focus on relaxing your jaw area.

Check on your shoulders next. Are they uneven or rotated? Check yourself in the mirror and try to examine your shoulder’s symmetry. Well, it’s about time you try to relax those shoulders. Focus on these during meditation by keeping them free from tension.

There are several yoga postures that relieve tensions in the neck and shoulders. Why is this important? First and foremost, whenever a person has TMJ disorder, the jaw stiffens.

As a tendency, the neck and shoulders area likewise become stiff. Simply lie on your back with knees bent. Raise your pelvis and shift your weight to your shoulders. This simple yoga exercise will relieve your shoulder tension.

As for your neck, stretch your chin allowing it to meet your chest. Move your head from side to side and deeply inhale and exhale while stretching your muscles. Roll the neck too for relaxation.

Stress has a lot to do with TMJ disorder. Time and again, it has been proven that fingernail biting and teeth clinching cause TMJ disorders. These are known habits of persons who are stressed out and anxious so free your self from stress.

We all know that TMJ disorder has no known medical cure except relief for pain associated with its symptoms. Nonetheless, you can overcome this disorder by doing the abovementioned yoga exercises.

To be more effective, following a strict diet is likewise advised. Have as much intake of foods that are rich in magnesium. They aid in muscle growth and function – perfect for your jaws!

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